Benefits to the Camper: opportunity for fathers to pass on their values and lessons learned to help guide their young people in the way they should go; Bible studies in passages that give helpful biblical principles; adventures and memories of a lifetime; different than anything fathers and teens normally do together; no interruptions—no need for phones, computers, or pagers; limited to twelve pairs; fathers and sons explore, travel, and experience places that few people have seen


Benefits to the Church: the men in your church should be the leaders in their families, church, and community; training teens to be people of faith is investing in your church’s future.


Highlights (Father-Son): Dutch-oven cooking and mouth-watering barbecue; traversing the open high desert and exploring abandoned gold mines and the historic Mojave Trail

  4:00 Arrival
  6:00 Dinner
  6:45 Orientation & Journal Creation
  8:15 Springboard Session & Activity
  9:30 Free Time
  8:00 Breakfast
  9:00 Springboard Session & Activity
  10:45 Heritage Photos
  11:00 Off-road Adventure Begins
  Noon Sack Lunch
  12:30 Springboard Session & Activity
  1:30 Activities
  3:30 Set Up Camp
  6:00 BBQ Dinner
  8:00 Campfire
  9:00 Free Time
  7:30 Breakfast
  8:30 Springboard Session & Activity, Duo Hike, and Journaling
  11:30 Pack Up Camp
  12:30 Lunch (at the Homestead)
  1:00 Final Thoughts
  1:30 Departure

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