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This event is a school-wide experiment for students to get excited about science, to enjoy the spring weather, to team up with their parents, and to make learning hands-on. The goal will be to have the student’s egg survive a fall (approximately 30’) without cracking or breaking. Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend the competition. The rules are simple:

  1. The container the egg will be in can be no larger than an 8-inch box (8”x8”x8”).
  2. The egg and container can be decorated.
  3. The egg must remain in its natural state (no hard boiling).  The judge will break any egg that survives the fall to verify the egg’s natural state.
  4. The student must supply his/her own egg.  The egg may not be placed in the container until the student arrives at school the morning of the egg drop.  This placement must be done in the presence of a teacher.
  5. Parachutes will be allowed this year, but the diameter of the parachute can be no wider than 3 inches and can hang from the egg no longer than 5 inches.
  6. Material may not be purchased for the purpose of this event.  You must use material from home or from the trash.  Water may not be used inside the container.
  7. Once released, no physical contact with the container is allowed until it has hit the ground.  The student will have 30 seconds to remove the egg from the container.  Failure to remove the egg in 30 seconds will result in disqualification of the prize.  The egg must be free of any debris from inside the container.
  8. No glass containers are allowed.
  9. Parents are encouraged to help their children as much as possible.  We do not mind it being a team effort—just be sure the students get involved.
  10. Be prepared to clean up your mess, if necessary.

ICA will established a cash prize pool.  If only one egg survives, then the student receives the entire pool.  If three eggs survive, then three students divide the pool.  Money really isn’t the issue though—we just want to have fun with the competition.  If parents want to add to the prize pool, please see Mrs. Steuerwald. 

Be creative and scientific!



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