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The Youth Leader's Brain is a collection of materials from our annual Youth Leaders' Retreats, which began in 2000.  Volume 1 includes material from 2000–2002; the second edition is available at our online store. Volume 2 includes material from 2003–2004, volume 3 from 2005–2006, and volume 4 includes 2007–2009; e-mail if you are interested in purchasing volumes 2, 3, or 4.

Building Blocks of a
Biblical Youth Philosophy

Success Through Purpose

A Philosophy of
Children's Ministry

God's Body STAMP

Healthy Competition

Platform Philosophy

Parents:  The Other
Side of Youth Ministry

Parent Meetings

Connecting to Parents

Parents' Place in
Your Ministry

Working with Kids

Needs and Notions of Juniors

Helping Teens with
Rebellious Parents


Enlisting and Training the Volunteer Help You Need

Lessons for Longevity

Winning the Right to
Be Heard

The Danger of Burnout in the Youth Ministry

Training for

Policies and Procedures

Planning an Extended Mission Trip

Vacation Bible School
Start to Finish

Conflict 101

Teach Convictions to
Your Teens

Use Puppets

Build an Activity

Have a Great Song Service

Design Games to
Fit Your Needs

Developing Messages for Teenagers

Being Treated Fairly

Bible Teaching Ideas:
Chapter Topic Titles

Introduction to Preaching

1 Corinthians 13, Part 1

1 Corinthians 13, Part 2

Talking Is Not

Activity Planning Sheet

Comedy Contest


Christmas Clue

Noodle Games

12-Base Kickball

Dodge Ball


Birdie Camo

Brown Bag Lunch

Speed Cootie

Golf Course Madness



Phonetic Punctuation
for Two

Slow Talkers
of America

Piece of Your Couch

Got Another

Baby Bottle
Coke Drinking Contest

Candle Shoot Out

There's a Bar

Cowboy, Lasso, Steer

Ring and Spear

Speaker Questionnaire Stunt



Strength Test

I Reckon


Silent Sorting

Spelling Bee

Warp Speed

Sticks, Stones,
and Bones

Play-doh Flinger Thingy


Duct Tape Theme Night

Storm the Castle


Youth Crasher Night

Who Are You Like?

Personalized Puzzles

Space Soccer

The Tick

Clothespin Mixer

Finger Blaster Games



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