Please be in prayer for our program team as we make plans for this summer and continue recruiting the 60 young people  needed for the ministry of summer camp. Below are those who have signed a contract for the summer.


Kristin Alvies 

Amy Archer

Nicole Blackwell

Emma Blum

Rachel Blum

Reese Bosnyak

Cheyenne Brock

Karina Cavett

Katey Davis

Abigail Estes

Stewart Dubois

Sarah DuFault

Allison Gibbs

Julia Haas

Lenisha Harry

Tyler Hawk

Isaac Jaspers

Tina Lacock

Travis Lenhert

Emily Lobb

Keri Lundquist

Corey MacGill

Andrew McKinney

Evan McKinney

Breanna Miller

Brooke Moses

Micah Olson

Hannah Parker

Ashleigh Ramsey

Caleb Reece

Hannah Reece

Hannah Rose

Emily Roush

Amber Sheldon

Samuel Sprague

Kacey Starlin

Clay Steuerwald

Devon Steuerwald

Jenna Steuerwald

Dustin VanWyk

Kyle Weberg

Alyssa Wright

Kacey Yarnell

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