College & Career Singles    January 20–21, 2017
Couples' Retreats   November 2–4 & 9–11, 2017
Family Camp    March 16–18, 2017
Father-Son Camp    June 14–16, 2018
Horsemanship Camp    July 3–8 & July 31–August 5, 2017
Leadership Live!  May 29–July 8 & July 3–August 5, 2017
Men's Retreat    September 28–30, 2017
Mother-Daughter Retreat    March 23–25, 2017
Nehemiah Work Week    January 11–13, 2018
Paintball Camp    March 10–11, 2017
Summer Camp    June 12–July 22, 2017
Women Counseling Women Basics    November 13–16, 2017
Women Counseling Women Specifics    January 23–25, 2017
Women's Retreat    October 19–21, 2017
Youth Leaders' Retreat    April 27–29, 2017
Youth Winter Rendezvous    January 27–28, 2017
Please note, we do not provide internet access for campers.
Also, we cannot accommodate various special diets, so those
with special diets should bring their own supplementary foods, if needed.
A refrigerator, microwave, and toaster are available to store and prepare special
diet foods. Food from a Homestead meal may be set aside for a future meal.

We also work with churches and schools to design camps and retreats that are unique to their needs and age group. Camp planners have a very important job. Planning, promoting, and pulling off your own camp or retreat is not for the faint of heart. We would love to help you put together a camp that is enjoyable for your folks, safe for each person, and most importantly, challenging in their spiritual life. At Ironwood, we believe that every group is unique, and with that comes our responsibility to provide a custom camp with your group’s needs in mind. Your goals become our passion!

A custom camp could be an outdoor education camp, Ezra Retreat, heritage expedition, or spiritual emphasis camp for young people. It could be an adult retreat focusing on planning, fellowship, or whatever your goal is. Our hope is that you would consider us to join you in the privilege of designing your next custom camp. Please call 760.257.3503 during business hours or e-mail if you have any questions.

Ironwood is a camp to be used by churches that would characterize themselves as fundamental, Bible-believing churches. During the camps and retreats that Ironwood sponsors, few restrictions are placed on who can attend. However, churches who wish to set up a Custom Camp will be asked to sign a positional statement.


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