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Campers may make a cabin-mate request.
The requested camper must be the same grade or one grade different and may not be a sibling.
Some weeks of camp will fill up as summer approaches. Other weeks of camp will have room for individuals
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Broken I Ranch Junior Camp:
Rivertown Teen Camp:

What Is It? Pick a Sunday in February or March. Announce Registration Sunday in three services prior to the day. Set up a registration table, kiosk, booth, or rotunda. Send us a picture of your set up. On that Sunday, collect completed registration forms and the $50 registration fee. Send in the results of your Registration Sunday by the following Thursday. Optional: Contact Ironwood for an available camp representative to help decorate your table and answer people’s questions.

Why Have It? Help parents plan for the date and the cost. Snowball effect—once some campers have committed, others may join. Receive $30 off each registration form. If you turn in 12 or more completed registration forms, one camper will be chosen at random to attend camp for $1.


George Binoka ▪ Junior Camp & Horsemanship 1
Mr. George will be returning for his third summer as our junior camp speaker. He is working on a degree in pastoral studies from International Baptist College & Seminary. He has served has a junior camp counselor for two summers, is actively involved in children’s ministry, and frequently speaks at Christian schools. He enjoys using puppets, chalk talks, and puzzles as he gets to know kids and pointing them to the next step in their walk with Christ.

Aaron Coffey ▪ Teen 4
Aaron grew up in a Christian home but had no personal relationship with Jesus Christ until he was saved in 1996, at the age of 21. Shortly after his salvation, God began working in his heart about ministry, and he earned a bachelor's degree from Bob Jones University; in 2005, he finished a master’s degree. He has been traveling in itinerant ministry since 2002—for three years with the Steve Pettit Evangelistic Team helping to run the teen outreach and children’s program and (after he and Stephanie got married in 2005) for four years with Will and Christy Galkin assisting them with music and youth outreach. In September 2010, God allowed them to begin traveling itinerantly on their own.

  Nathan Crockett ▪ Teen 3
Nathan has a BA in Bible and a MA in Theology from Bob Jones University, where he is on the Bible faculty. He completed his doctorate in 2013. He teaches Bible Doctrines, Freshman Seminar, Hermeneutics, New Testament Messages, and Preparation for Service/Evangelism. His first time to speak at Ironwood was in 2011; teens and sponsors were challenged by his ministry.
Todd Sivnksty ▪ Teen 2
Todd attended Bob Jones University for an undergraduate degree in Bible and a masters degree in Pastoral Studies. He served for almost two years at West Branch Camp, helped plant Fox River Baptist Church in Yorkville, Illinois, served a summer at the Wilds of the Rockies, and was youth pastor at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, for almost three years before moving to Longmont, Colorado, to serve in the ministry of Faith Baptist Church. God directed him into full-time evangelism in May 2000. He and his wife Krista have two children.
Matt Teis ▪ Teen 1
Executive pastor of Liberty Baptist Church in Las Vegas, Matt has plenty of experience with camp and youth. He is the youth pastor at his church and has served on summer camp kitchen, program, and counseling staff as well as attending camp at Ironwood. He is also a chaplain for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. Matt has a bachelor’s degree in Bible with an emphasis in pastoral ministries from Pensacola Christian College and a master’s degree in theological studies from Liberty University. He and his wife Breanna have four children.
Rob Watkins ▪ Junior High 1 & 2
Ventriloquism and gospel illusions are the cornerstone of Rob Watkins’ ministry to young people. Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Yucca Valley, California, for many years, he has also served as a children’s ministry director, as interim pastor, and as president of Pacific Baptist Bible College in Pomona, California. He speaks frequently at children’s rallies, youth rallies, Christian schools, children’s church, and Sunday school campaigns.
Ironwood’s Broken I Ranch emphasizes ways for juniors (young people entering grades 4 through 7) to serve God today by serving others. Each day will be filled with fun and hands-on projects. Campers will play games that they have never played before and try activities that allow them to learn new skills and practice old ones—swimming, canoeing, archery, BB guns, wrist rockets, fishing, horseback riding, and crafts to name a few.

Benefits to Juniors: morning chapel services include a story about a missionary from the theme continent; evening services challenge campers to take the next spiritual step; personal devotion time encourages them to make devotions a daily habit; a counselor guides campers through the various activities—at junior camp, everyone gets to do everything; each counselor has between seven and eight children in his cabin, allowing the counselor to give each camper individual attention; the emphasis on participation means that the fun is because you're doing something and not because you're watching it.

Benefits to Churches: four unique themes give young people variety; a simple salvation messages as well as practical Bible lessons allow a church to bring kids who know much about the Bible and those who don't know much; campers learn skills that will encourage them to serve in the local church; each year concentrates on a different skill—e.g., puppets and musical instruments; practical lessons on patriotism, community service, and caring for others are taught in a fun, hands-on ways.

Highlights: a trail ride on horseback and a camp T-shirt are included in the camp fee; Saturday morning breakfast is served on the bluffs at the end of a hayride, and the speaker's final challenge is outdoors after some yummy, cowboy flapjacks; campfire every night—funny, interesting, tasty, or serious; skit night is put on by each cabin, junior campers love being part of their own skit night; everyone gets to experience the Edge, our high ropes course which has several events young people enjoy, the teachable moments from each experience make this a staff and camper favorite; the eight-acre lake has a wide variety of activities including the Giant Slide and the rope swing.
The goal of Ironwood’s Rivertown Teen Camp is to reach young people for the Lord Jesus Christ, to develop camaraderie among each church group, to challenge young people to take the next step in their spiritual growth, and to have a week of fun. Young people entering grade 7 through those just completing grade 12 may attend teen camp. Teen camp now includes a track for junior highers in the morning, with their own speaker and unique activities.

Benefits to Teens: five days away from all the distractions at home; nine services that will challenge teens with the Word of God; not too much free time but the freedom to choose what activities the camper like to do; each cabin is divided by ages so that seventh graders are not in the same cabin as twelfth graders; games and activities that you don't normally play at home; a trained, caring counselor in each cabin who looks forward to working with each camper individually (we spend two weeks of intensive training at the beginning of the summer to make sure our team is ready to be safe, have fun, and—most importantly—counsel correctly).

Benefits to Churches: sponsors are encouraged to come and spend time with their campers; sponsors have their own cabins which gives them maximum flexibility to be where they need to be; communication that allows the sponsor to know exactly what decisions are being made by their group; follow-up letters give the church a summary of the week; reunion Thursday allows youth groups to get together no matter how spread out they are among the cabins.

Highlights: great food all week long; skits on Thursday night; the Bible quiz on Friday night is the culmination of the week-long competition; giant water slide over 165 feet long, shotguns, .22 caliber rifles, Doc's Wonder Wheel (gyroscope), land trolley, human foosball, laser tag, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, campfires, and archery; special privileges for juniors and seniors; books, souvenirs, snacks, and drinks at Uncle Wally's; specialty coffee drinks at the Pony Espresso; Soldier Mountain hike—1,000-foot climb with a spectacular view!

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